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Meetings are held every Monday at 12:30pm at Zebra Restaurant, 4521 Sharon Rd.

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Vision Statement: We are a diverse fellowship of service-oriented professionals actively commtted to improving our community and the world.

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March of Dimes, a brief history

Lisa Hall has been the Community Director for the Greater Piedmont Division of the March of Dimes for over two years. The Greater Piedmont Division covers 11 counties in the Southern Piedmont area of NC, ranging from Lincoln and Cleveland Counties in the West and spanning as far East as Anson and Richmond Counties. Founded in 1938, the mission of the March of Dimes is to lead, direct and unify the fight against polio. The first person to develop a safe, effective vaccine against polio was Dr. Jonas Salk. The March of Dimes paid for and sponsored a field trial in 1954 which involved 1.8 million school children in the U.S., Canada and Finland. On April 12, 1955, the Salk Vaccine was declared “safe, effective and potent” and licensed by the U.S. to end polio. The polio vaccine was only the beginning. Since then, the March of Dimes has focused much of their attention on premature births and birth defect treatments. The core values they strive to serve are clear: Bringing Science into Service for People; Building Public Trust; and Gathering the Power of Volunteers. For information on how you can support this organization, please contact Lisa Hall at 704-377-2009 or

Charlotte Knights Successful First Year

Charlotte-South Rotary was fortunate to have Scotty Brown join us for our July 21 meeting. Scotty is the General Manager of Baseball Operations for the Knights and has enjoyed a record-setting year from this team. A veteran of 32 seasons in professional baseball, Scotty worked in the Baltimore Orioles public relations department from junior high school through college spanning 1979 to 1987. From there, he began his management career in 1988 with the New York Mets. Scotty joined the Knights in December 2012 after spending three years as General Manager for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. The Charlotte Knights celebrated their groundbreaking on September 20, 2102 and held a phenomenal opening night on April 11, 2014. The team prides itself with passing the half-million mark for attendance and having the number one attended sports arena in the Charlotte region. Scotty shared with us some interesting tidbits about the team, including the fact that the team uses 600-700 dozen baseballs each year! Hopefully you have (or will soon) had the opportunity to attend one of these fun baseball games in their beautiful new BB&T Ballpark uptown. Please visit to learn more.

History of Charlotte Business

On Monday, July 14, welcomed Dr. Tom Hanchett of Levine Museum of the New South (pictured). Tom is a staff historian whose wrtings range widely on urban history and southern cultrue. Tom’s focus was the history of Charlotte business–what an amazing progression we have had in this city! Levine Museum of the New South is an interactive museum housing the nation’s most comprehensive interpretation of post-Civil War Southern history. Visit to learn more.

It’s been a great year! Welcome Andy Bach, 2014-15 Charlotte-South Rotary President

Monday, June 30 was an exciting day as we successfully closed out the leadership of President Mike Walker and welcomed our new President, Andy Bach as well as our new Officers and Board of Directors! Mike shared highlights of the year and this thoughtful statement: *”I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my year as President of Charlotte-South Rotary. I’ve been inspired by the incredible work done by so many in the club, and by the leadership exhibited by so many at different times of the year. We’ve had a fun and busy year, with a lot of great service projects, social events & fund raisers. We’ve done a lot of good!” * Our club was certainly fortunate to have Mike’s leadership and will always remember his dedication and true service above self. Thank you Mike Walker!

Y Readers Supported by Charlotte-South Rotary

For numerous years, Charlotte-South Rotary has supported this successful literacy program. Check out this recent article on the front page of the Charlotte Observer. In addition, our very own Curtis Oliver (pictured) volunteers weekly for this program along with our President, Andy Bach.